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The working group held its 12th meeting on 8 December 2009 at New Delhi in which 12 members and 18 observers were present. The Group accepted the nominations of Mr. Makoto Yokozawa (Japan), Prof. Dr. Rai Niaz Ahmed (Pakistan) and Mrs. Mira Edelbaher (Slovenia) for the membership. A brief prepared by Mr. Stephen Mills (Australia) on “Irrigation Modernization in Australia” was circulated at the meeting. The Group proposed its work plan up to 2011. As per the updated database of the worldwide sprinkler and micro irrigated area, about 32 million ha were under sprinkler irrigation and about 8 million ha were under micro irrigation. Objectives and subthemes of the ‘8th International Micro irrigation Congress’ to be held in Iran in October 2011 were firmed up.

A half-day special session on “Micro irrigation” was held on 8 December 2009 succeeding to the WG meeting. The main objective of the session was to highlight the recent developments in micro irrigation in major irrigation countries, particularly in India and to share and learn from each other’s experiences for sustainable expansion of the technology. Presentations from South Africa, Italy, Germany, Brazil, besides India were made at the session.